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It’s sunset in the Florida Keys. As I sit on the dock soaking in the last rays of the sun, I let my mind wander ahead to tomorrow’s events. I will be going spearfishing with my son and his friends.

I have been spear fishing for almost a decade now. I started when I was 27. It was on a vacation to Mexico, and I think I tried it as more of a lark than anything else. But, as soon as I came back from my first time out, I knew it was going to be a lifelong hobby. I love the whole experience: the way the sun filters down through the water; the peaceful rocking motion of the underwater currents as you swim around a reef; even the brightly-colored fish darting in and out of their hiding places.

Spear Fishing Requires a Good Spear

I have used several types of spears when fishing. I have seen first-hand the difference it makes when you use a good fishing spear. My latest spear, the B & M Pole 3- Prong Spear, is one of the best ones I’ve used yet. The welded seams make the head tough enough to stand up to all the abuse you will dish out. The razor-sharp points slice through the water easily and make snagging your fish a piece of cake. The prongs on the end of the points keep your fish from getting off the spearhead once you’ve got it.

Fishing Makes You Appreciate the Environment

I have found myself to be more environmentally conscious now that I am out enjoying the natural beauty of the wild.  If you have never snorkeled through a brightly-colored tropical reef while on a spearfishing trip, then you’ve never experienced what I consider to be the pinnacle of nature.



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American football is probably the most popular sport in the USA, certainly when compared to other sports leagues.

There are teams at every level including:

Professional football teams playing national and international football
Collegiate and university football teams kicking for kudos as part of official athletic programs
High school football teams competing against teams from other states as well as teams from other academic institutions in the state where they live
Amateur and semi-pro adult football teams that play against each other
Youth league football teams, some of which get a little incentive money to play
Kids football teams, organized to encourage enthusiasm and affinity with the sport, either in schools or in the community
Whichever level people play, uniforms play an enormous role from identifying teams in a regulated manner (which means they wear uniforms according to rules) to building camaraderie and achieving team spirit.

It is also proven that football uniforms can help to establish identity and change perceptions.

All this should be kept in mind when coaches and others choose football uniforms for kids to play and compete in.

So if you are tasked with choosing football uniforms for kids, here is some inspiration.

How Football Uniforms Have Helped High School Teams Achieve

One of the classic stories that relate to high school and kids football uniforms involves the Pennsylvanian Belle Vernon Leopards team.

Until the mid 2000s the team was outstanding, winning championships and shining bright. Then it all stopped. Eventually a new coach found that not only were the football facilities outdated, but morale was also low. After all nothing lasts forever. The joke is that he used an old tactic that has worked for decades. Coach Matt Humbert changed the kids football uniforms, using a trend that he knew had been used so often it was likely to work – and it did. By “modernizing” the football uniforms, coach Humbert inspired confidence as well as new enthusiasm. The kids were excited and tried harder, proving that they still had a winning streak.

This approach doesn’t only relate to outdated facilities. Another Pennsylvanian football team, Pine Richland, had a similar problem even though their facilities were top class. But having been winning heroes, they became what many described as downright stale.

While not totally due to new uniforms, the new kids football uniforms allocated to Pine Richland apparently played a major role in their newly found success – silver-horned green helmets and all!

The concept is, give kids their own identity that is defined by their football uniforms, and they’ll embrace it. Make it fun! Make it important!



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