What to Expect from Your Thailand Golf Holiday

There are countless incredible golf courses around the world and in Thailand, and if your vacation time is coming up, you’ll have the opportunity to play on several within a week’s time. International golf holidays take you through some of the most impressive golf courses around the world while giving you plenty of time to […]


How Does a Boomerang Work?

Boomerangs are a big hit among kids. What was discovered as a hunting weapon, is now a cool play-thing. But have you ever wondered how they work? Read this post to find out. “What Goes Around…Comes Around” is an age-old saying. However, this adage is not as old as something that is probably the most […]


What are the Best Minimalist Running Shoes for Men?

When it comes to minimalist mens running shoes, many brands have caught onto the trend of wanting to run “barefoot.” Minimalist shoes simply are slipped on the feet and forgot about. Many runners boast that they allow them to run naturally and most importantly, comfortably too. Whether you’ve found your natural stride already or are […]


Must Have Knowledge of Extreme Sports

Many people love to experience adventure activities in their life. Luckily, now we have plenty of sports activities that offer a great experience. Especially, a young generation goes to different parts of the world to try new adventurous things. Sport is the best way to break the monotony of the life and to make memories […]


Stylish, Functional Sportswear Options for Everyone

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident when you are working out. It’s also necessary to wear proper attire, depending on the type of activity. Sportswear comes in many different styles. Clients can choose from tight fitting clothing, loose fitting clothing, long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts, and pants. Compression fitting clothes are becoming increasingly popular […]


That Moment You Are Defined by Your Uniform

Company uniforms serve a number of different purposes. Among them is helping to define the image an employer wants to project. In some cases, that image goes well beyond the company itself to actually define the employees who wear it. That moment you are defined by your uniform is that same moment you become a […]



There are many traits that Russian women pay attention to in every man. They include; Honesty- this is a must and has been placed high on the Russian women’s list. A man should be honest in everything. Do not lie and always tell the truth. Women prefer being told the truth than being lied to. […]


The Events and the Packages

The world is full of amazing sporting events. Shows like the Super Bowl, the Tour de France and the Wimbledon tournament attract millions of spectators. Others, such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, which occur every four years, arouse even more anticipation from the fans. Regardless of the sport in question, events always […]


Shop the Savvy Way for Deals on Sports Travel Packages

Few things bring the world together quite like massive sporting events. There’s just something about the feeling you get when cheering your own side on to victory that evokes the most rousing sense of community and common purpose. That feeling is enhanced all the more when your “team” is, in fact, your country, and you’re […]