20 Fun and Affordable Things to Do This Weekend

This weekend is coming up and we’re sure you’re feeling a little stressed out with all your work and school. Check out these 20 fun and affordable things to do this weekend:

  • Have a Munchies Movie Night. Rent some DVDs, get the microwave popcorn and have an indoor movie night with your friends.
  • Visit A Haunted House or Theme Park. There are lots of cheap haunted houses around where you can go to scare yourself silly if that’s what floats your boat (in fact, it’s so cheap you can try a few.)
  • Play Some Tennis. Visit your local park or tennis courts and bring along some friends for an afternoon of fun. If that doesn’t work, there are lots of places to play indoor sports as well like basketball, dodgeball or volleyball.
  • Go To A Dog Park. There are lots of dog parks in the area where you can go to pet dogs that have been taken out for a good time. They’re also great places to meet people, since many owners will be there with their pets as well.
  • Have An Outdoor Movie Night. If you have a projector and/or TV, go out in the backyard or neighborhood park to watch an outdoor movie.
  • Go To A Free Show. There are lots of free shows going on this weekend like comedy clubs (that will even let college students get in for cheap), local bands at bars and more.
  • Go Bowling. Check out the local bowling alley if you’re into that sort of thing, or just go for a walk around it to get some exercise. You can even have fun with your friends by making teams based on who has which color shoes.. it’s a thing.
  • Go To A Flea Market. You can find some really cool stuff at flea markets if you’re into that kind of thing. You might even be able to score a great deal.
  • Rent A Karaoke Machine. Go over your friend’s house or go out and rent one for the night, then get everyone together in an empty room and sing your hearts out.
  • Have A Wiffle Ball Game. You don’t need a lot of space to play wiffle ball, just get some bats, balls and bases together for something different that’s fun with the family or friends (and maybe even dogs if you’re feeling adventurous.)
  • Go To A Drive-In Movie. If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out a local drive in and watch some great movies under the stars with friends. Maybe even make it a potluck or bring along blankets to lay on while watching (or sleeping.. no judging)
  • Go To A Community Festival. There are tons of community festivals all over the city, so find one that interests you and go have some fun. (If there aren’t any going on in your area then look up a local charity to volunteer with.)
  • Have A Summer Pool Party. If you have a pool, why not invite some friends over for an afternoon party? You can even take the cheap route here and just order pizza or something easy to make. (If your parents aren’t comfortable with that then see if they’ll let you use their grill to make hot dogs or something)
  • Go To A Free Concert. There are tons of free concerts going on all over the city, so find one that interests you and go have some fun. If there aren’t any in your area then check out a local charity to volunteer with – it’s great for the community and you’ll have a good time.
  • Have A Grilling Party. Make some delicious food in the backyard or on the grill, then invite your friends over for a party that will be fun no matter how many people show up (or if it rains) – grills are just as much fun in the rain.

  • Go To A Free Museum. There are tons of free museums around all over that you can visit, so check out one and see what’s going on there this weekend – and if it doesn’t interest you then think about volunteering with a charity or something else to do for fun.
  • Go To A Free Yoga Class. Check out a local yoga studio (or even go outside) and try one of their free classes with friends. If you don’t like it, then check to see if there are any other activities going on nearby that interest you – no matter how small. There’s always something to do.
  • Check Out A Local Market. There are lots of local markets around where you can get awesome deals on produce and other things that will be great for the weekend. If there isn’t one in your area then go donate some time at a charity or community center – they’re always looking for help.
  • Go To A Park And Eat Some Picnic Food. Find a nice park, bring some friends and have an afternoon picnic together – or if you’re feeling extra adventurous then go camping in the woods somewhere nearby. If that doesn’t work out then check to see what community activities are going on in your area – you might be surprised at the fun things that are happening.
  • Go For A Walk With Your Dog. If you have a dog then take them for a walk around the neighborhood or go somewhere out of town to explore with friends (and if it’s too hot, just go at night) – you might find some awesome new places to go.

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