Great reasons to organize a school sports tour to Australia

After finishing teaching for the day, you must attend a meeting. Having spoken to a fellow colleague across town you want to suggest something that will benefit both students and the reputation of your school.

He says that he took a party on an activity tour to Germany, which sounded very good, but you want to find something extra special for your scholars. Naturally, you are over the moon that your plans for a premium sports tour were given a unanimous thumbs up.

Overjoyed and excited for all those involved, it is time to start to research on where to go and who to put your faith in. Planning is essential for what will be an adventure that those who go on it will remember for the rest of their lives, so you want it to the best you can find. It is a wise idea to choose a company to work with who have over 30 years of experience and have visited many countries in that time.

Once you have established the company that you are happy with, its time to decide where to go. After consultation and consideration, you decide that you will lead an Australian sports tour for many good reasons.

  • It is a sports mad nation whose infectious nature will grab the attention of your party.
  • There is a wide range of sports played so you can take a large party knowing that you will be able to compete at football, cricket, rugby, netball, swimming along with other disciplines.
  • There will not be a language barrier, with foods also being like the UK, so there are no issues on that score.
  • You are guaranteed that the sports will be of a competitive nature with the historic rivalry between the two nations.
  • There is a flexibility available when choosing sports travel packages which could also include educational courses to learn history and geography of where you visit.
  • It is a great way for everyone to make friends, which can create avenues for later life, while learning about how to live away from home and creating team bonding and values such as empathy and how to work together.
  • Playing competitive sport is a great way to encourage personal improvement.

Taking your school party on a premium sports tour to Australia will create memories to last a lifetime while enhancing life and skill development as the scholars learn about life on the road.