Heraldry of Messi’s new team: two herons on the emblem of Inter Miami

It’s about herons. The club’s pink colors confused some fans who thought the emblem depicted flamingos.

Why herons?

At one point, the club had to explain separately – these are great herons. Two great white herons.

These elegant wading birds hold deep symbolic meaning, representing power, protection and patience according to mythological lore. Unlike their migratory kin, the great white egret variety stays rooted in Miami as a year-round resident, embodying the diverse cultures that call the city home.

Though peaceful in appearance, the great white egret strikes with lightning speed when spying prey, earning comparisons to a hissing serpent with feathers. A unique subspecies confined mostly to South Florida and the Caribbean islands, the great white egret remains a point of fascination for Miami locals and tourists alike.

The legs of the herons on the emblem are crossed, forming the letter «M». It`s associated with Miami. ESPN reported that this is David Beckham’s favorite element of the logo.

And this is despite the fact that Beckham himself is encoded in the sunbeams. There are seven of them, and it’s a nod to the number the Englishman wore throughout his playing career. However, the sun and moon also symbolize «the dedication and determination of the people of Miami to work day and night to realize their dreams».

What about the color pink?

It’s just that Jorge Mas and David Beckham wanted to stand out and be unique.

Mas mentioned that initially, they wanted to opt for a black and white color scheme. However, they ultimately settled on pink as a genuinely exclusive and unique choice. Thoughts evolved, but it all concluded logically.

In Miami, you can genuinely see a lot of pink. And when you see this pink color in the sky, whether it’s at dawn or sunset, you get a feeling that something is about to happen, a sense of potential, whether it’s starting your day or embarking on your nightlife, explained Peter Macia, the creative director of Doubleday & Cartwright, the studio responsible for designing the club’s branding.

Ultimately, pink is nowhere else to be found in men’s professional sports in the USA, especially since Messi’s arrival, it has become closely associated with «Inter» Miami.

It is possible to bet favorably on Inter Miami matches in MLS through The team has been last in the Eastern Conference for a long time, but with the arrival of Lionel they have transformed and started winning. At the moment Inter are penultimate and have managed to keep their playoff chances alive.