Hockey – Skating Backward Faster

Lots of hockey players have a problem to accelerate, maneuver and balance themselves while skating backwards. There’s a little change within your body mechanics that can help to get rid of this issue forever inside your skating. Nearly all hockey players have a problem to regulate and act or respond to different directions while skating backwards. This is because themselves upgrading either in skating straight backwards or modifying or altering directions.

See when you increase in your stance while skating backwards you’ll lose balance, speed and you will have a harder time for you to act or respond to skating in various directions. The greatest reason this occurs is your center of gravity (that is your sides) will rise which offsets your speed, balance and power.

This is actually the method in which all hockey players skate backwards:

1. They have a tendency to increase in their stance which action will eliminate their knees to become bent within the proper level.

2. At these times it slows lower the skating speed.

3. Plus it slows lower the experience and reaction in order to move fast along with the proper balance into different directions.

This is actually the information which will eliminate this issue forever:

1. Make certain that your shoulders are are pressing lower firmly. Make certain you don’t firm up shoulders…they must be pressing inside a downward direction firmly.

2. This course of action of pressing both shoulders lower will connect top of the body together with your center of gravity within the most basic way.

3. It will help you keep up with the appropriate speed, balance and power while having the ability to react faster in skating backwards.

You may think this simple being active is too simple but it is the only method to increase your body mechanics and to provide you with the right posture in skating backwards.


You just need to make certain that your shoulders are pressing inside a downward direction firmly and it’ll correct any possible errors within your body mechanics while skating backwards.