There are many traits that Russian women pay attention to in every man. They include;

  • Honesty- this is a must and has been placed high on the Russian women’s list. A man should be honest in everything. Do not lie and always tell the truth. Women prefer being told the truth than being lied to. An honest man will always find the right Russian girl for her.
  • Ability to protect her- all women look for men who can protect her at all cost. They want a partner who is able to protect them in times of troubles. This gives a woman some piece of mind knowing that she is very safe because her man will protect her.
  • Good grooming- a man should ensure that he dresses well and look good no matter where he is. You may never know when you will meet your dream woman. Men who look good attract lots of women because everyone one wants a smart boyfriend or lover.
  • Charming personality- a man with a charming personality will attract most women. A charming personality is everything and Russian women love that in a man. Learn how to treat a lady and read her body language to notice when she is not comfortable.
  • Good physique- men who want Russian women for marriage should go and fully work out. Hit the gym and build those biceps and packs. When you have a good physique you look healthy and your clothes fit you well making you look sexy. If you want to attract a Russian girl remember that first appearance really matters. Make sure your body looks good and you are well dressed.
  • Financial stability- a woman will look at how you are performing financially. No one wants a man who is not able to provide because he has financial issues. Ability to cater for your bills on time shows a woman how responsible you are and that is a trait they all like.
  • Confidence- Russian women want men who show their inner strength. Confidence is a great trait for every man. A confident man is more attractive than a coward because he trust and believes in himself and doesn’t give up no matter what.
  • Respectable man- a man who respects others is also respected. Russian women look for men who show respect to other people because they know that he will respect them too. No woman wants to be disrespected by a man.