What to Expect from Your Thailand Golf Holiday

There are countless incredible golf courses around the world and in Thailand, and if your vacation time is coming up, you’ll have the opportunity to play on several within a week’s time.

International golf holidays take you through some of the most impressive golf courses around the world while giving you plenty of time to experience beautiful new places and landscapes. Purchasing your golf holiday through a specialist saves you the hassle of organising things yourself, so by choosing and booking a golf package, your hotel and your transportation, among other things, will be taken care of.

Of course, you will have some flexibility as well. Your tour providers are well-connected and can arrange for different hotels upon request. Prices for golf packages often include multiple guests, sometimes as many as 4 or 6, so if you are travelling alone or with fewer people, don’t forget to specify that. Regardless, you can count on all of the following features.

Multiple Rounds of Golf

Of course, your golf holiday will come with multiple rounds of golf on several different courses. Thailand golf holiday packages include rounds at all of the most important golf courses, including those in Bangkok, Phuket, and Hua Hin. You will be able to play on golf courses both new and old, world-class golf courses, beach-side golf courses, and courses with incredible views.

When it comes to getting to and from each course, transfers will be arranged, and you will also have access to golf carts during game-play. You will typically be greeted upon your arrival and taken to your hotel when you are finished.

A Chance to Experience the Culture

Your holiday won’t be entirely spent playing golf, and you will have plenty of opportunities to explore new places and experience the culture of a different country.

Aside from the different attractions and beautiful landscapes, you will be able to experiment with local foods and visit some of the best restaurants in the country. Other potential activities include Thai cooking classes and nature parks, but you certainly won’t be restricted or limited to anything in particular. You can visit the famed Grand Palace or enjoy a number of water activities.

The available attractions will depend on where your golf tour is based, so if you are interested in travel as much as golf, you can select the package that interests you the most.

24-Hour Local Assistance

When visiting an unfamiliar place, it helps to have a guide or a local who can keep you on track, prevent you from getting lost, or point you to the best restaurants. When you plan your travel through a golf holiday specialist, you can rest assured that you will always be able to get local assistance whenever you need it.

Whether you need directions or want to know more about a particular place, there will always be somebody available to give you the information that you need. With the right assistance, you can feel confident in an unfamiliar place and make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.