A Handy Guide to Golf Training Nets to Refer to

Nothing holds a candle to hitting a ball on a genuine golf course. When you feel too tempted to pitch, chip and putt, it is always a good idea to practice your game once. And this is only possible by investing in golf training tools. If you want to practice in the midday, get a net, mat or a chipping target. This article will guide you when you are considering to buy golf training nets.

  1. Size

Golf net is of no use if it is too small to catch your balls. Seek the ones that are actually 10 ft. wide if you go for a wide shot. The farther away the net is installed, the taller you want your shot to be. Mostly, a seven foot net is enough. You can also buy the Best Indoor Golf Practice Net if you want to warmup for precision, just in case. There are also many portable golf nets available. It folds up easily and is easily transportable.

  1. Golf net frame materials

The two main parts of golf nets are the net and the frame that holds the net. If you are practicing indoors, then rusting of the material is the least of your concern. If you are buying indoor or an outdoor golf net, ensure that the frame is composed of long lasting material such as carbon steel or aluminum. Many lower end golf nets use the fiberglass frames. They are affordable but fragile in nature, so brace yourself for all the purchase replacements as they are prone to break quite easily.

  1. Thickness

Two factors need to be considered when it comes to netting: thickness and knotted/unknotted netting. Thickness is denoted by ply or the number of layers being used. The higher the ply, the more resilient the net is when the ball is slammed onto it. When it comes to using real golf balls than the practice ones, seek a net that is 4 ply. Many are double netted with an interior and exterior for the redundancy. This is best because if the net breaks, the golf net is not deemed useless. Always look for its tensile strength as it is a good indicator of durability.

  1. Knotted or unknotted?

Many are composed of synthetic materials which are woven into a knitted mesh. This can be either knotted or unknotted. The latter is stronger and more durable than the former, so it makes it vulnerable from the hard shots. If the knotless net breaks, it cannot be retied. When it comes to selecting between the poorly made knotless net and a good quality knotted net, go for the latter as the knotless net is irreparable.