Why Should You Stream IPL On An Online Platform?

It’s IPL season again, yay! It’s time to get your snacks ready and binge-watch the IPL matches with your friends and family.

Among the various forms of cricket, the Indian Premier League is the most anticipated and adored. The IPL is a T20 cricket league in which ten teams are named after 10 Indian cities. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular and profitable form of cricket globally. IPL attracts more fans than any other cricket league around the globe. Can’t reach the stadium? You can watch the IPL on the television or via the IPL cricket app. You can create a stadium-like environment while watching IPL on the app. With a house packed with fellow cricket enthusiasts, cheers, screams, and emotions.

This year’s IPL began on March 26th, 2022, and will conclude on May 29th, 2022. Just picture yourself as a die-hard cricket fan getting the fortuity of being able to pick your squad and experiencing the thrill of performing on the field. You would do anything to experience the feeling of serving on the field for once. That is, I believe, the idea of fantasy cricket was born. There are IPL apps available now that allow you to play virtual cricket with the same excitement and thrill as actual cricket.

What is fantasy cricket, and how does one play?

It is a virtual sport in which you can build an 11-player team. Players are given points depending on their performance during live cricket matches. It all comes down to having the correct skillset and expertise in fantasy games. Only you can achieve your best in this sport if you know cricket. Your win is solely based on your skills and how well you know the cricket forms and cricket players. Your strategy and planning can carry you a long way in these virtual sports.

There are now apps that allow you to participate in the IPL fantasy league on your smartphone.

Download the app and register yourself. You will be provided with a certain amount of budget to work with. Each player has a defined value that will be removed from the available budget if added to your team. You can only make changes to your team as you like before the match starts, but you cannot make any changes once the match begins. You’ll be awarded points based on how well the genuine players perform. It entails things like scoring runs, catching wickets, forcing run-outs, and keeping a high strike rate, among other things. Your selection of players will decide whether the match is yours or not. So make sure that you have all the details you need to make an accurate selection.

To be successful in the IPL fantasy league, you must be well-versed in the performance of individual cricketers and the squad as a whole. Only then will you be able to build a winning team.