Winning team: the best AFL merchandise for playing & watching the footy

AFL, the great Aussie game, is finally back in full swing. After two gruelling years of lockdowns, lockouts, player hubs and uncertain fixtures, the crowds are back and the footy is on to the fullest extent!

We couldn’t be happier, and with that there has never been a better time to pick up some of your favourite footy memorabilia for both playing and watching the great sport.

Dees, Swans, Bombers merchandise – it doesn’t matter – grab some gear for heading to your favourite team’s matches as well as working on those footy skills to help you through the challenging winter season.

Here are a few top picks for AFL merchandise:

  1. The guernsey 

It all starts with the guernsey, the legendary footy shirt that has come such a long way in the game’s history yet still maintains that classic style and your club’s colours with absolute pride.

There is no better way to represent your team at the footy than by wearing their guernsey – plus these modern options are looking pretty swank, too!

  1. The footy 

Well, what proud Aussie rules fan doesn’t have a footy sitting around the home? Whether it’s a worn out Sherrin or a signed club ball, the footy always maintains its place on the mantle, in the trophy cabinet or even stashed away somewhere in the garage.

For fans who want to improve their skills, the footy is, naturally, the best place to start: all you have to do is grab a ball, grab a mate or two and head down to the park. You can immediately start improving your skills and enjoying what is truly one of the world’s best team sports.

  1. The hat 

If you don’t want to go all the way with your club’s guernsey there is always the faithful cap to back you up. Aussie rules caps have always been worn alongside the guernsey as the supporters’ clothing of choice, ensuring you have a way to show your team pride without substituting your normal attire for it.

  1. Blocking pads 

Blocking pads are one of the best ways to refine your defensive skills. They are really a three-in-one training accessory: they allow you to work on your blocking, so that you can shepard an opponent away from your teammate; they allow you to work on your bumping – an imperative part of contest winning and defence; and they allow you to work on – most importantly – your tackling, as this is such an imperative part of the fast-paced modern game.

  1. Handball target 

The legendary handball target is one of the funnest ways to not only improve your handballing skills, but also your kicking skills, too. Whether at your local club training or taking one of these super fun targets to the backyard or park, one of the best ways to improve your distribution skills is through the class handball target.

Challenge your mates, take on your teammates – a little healthy competition outside of match day is a great way to improve your skills.

  1. Rebounder 

Reflexes are one of the most important attributes a footy player can take with them out onto the field, and the rebounder is one of the best ways to ensure you are ready to take quick grabs and receive fast passes from your teammates.

These are, for sure, the best footy merchandise you can get for both watching your favourite team and working on your own skills. Take it to the next level with the likes of guernseys, handball targets and tackle bags – your love for the game and skills will improve tenfold!